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DG716 Reporter: Exploring Leagues Galore and Exciting Tournaments

May 22nd, 2024

One week after announcing my commitment to delivering the DG716 Reporter weekly, I had to skip an issue to get my ducks in a row. The good news for you is that, although some ducks are still wandering, you're getting a double dose of recaps and highlights this time.

Tournament Recaps:

Western New York Point Series Championship #2 (5-11-2024)

There have only been a few tournaments in the past few weeks, starting with the second round of the Western New York Point Series. Players gathered at Wilson-Tuscarora State Park for an action-packed day of disc golf. Tournament Director Sam Castiglione recapped the event in his Facebook post:


MPO: Mixed Pro Open FPO: Women's Pro Open

1st: Eric Fetterman 1st: Alecia Hinkson

T2nd: Douglas Urbino & Spencer Hewitt

MP40: Mixed Pro 40+ MA1: Mixed Amateur 1

1st: Kevin Jacobs 1st: Forrest Mullen

2nd: Aaron Waiders 2nd: Justin McNess

3rd: Colin Archibald

FA1: Women's Amateur 1 MA40: Mixed Amateur 40+

1st: Angela Perrillo 1st: Steven Hopkins

2nd: Kaeleigh Cooper 2nd: Andrew Janese

3rd: Tiffany Ralston T3rd: Dan Meterko, Brad Lash & Jeremy Rochevot

MA2: Mixed Amateur 2 MA3: Mixed Amateur 3

1st: Michael Toscano 1st: Shadow Green

T2nd: Brian Nichols, Christopher Sherman 2nd: Tim Cooper

& Kevin Brockway T3rd" Jason Ohar & Zach Pinti

Shorewinds Shootout Xll (5-18-2024)

This past weekend, Lakeside Beach State Park in Waterport, NY, hosted one of the largest tournaments of the season. A total of 138 players from Western New York, Rochester, and beyond took on the challenging courses of Beast and Wind Rush Alley along the picturesque shores of Lake Ontario. The event drew a diverse group of competitors, showcasing impressive skill and determination amid the windy conditions typical of the lakeside setting.

MPO: Mixed Pro Open MP40: Mixed Pro 40+

1st: Matthew Spina 1st: Matt Quataert

T2nd: Zach Sisson & Jerry Menzie 2nd: Aaron Walders

3rd: Ryan Pittinaro

MP50: Mixed Pro 50+ MA1: Mixed Amateur 1

1st: Jim Egan 1st: Brannon Perdicho

2nd: Gary Egan 2nd: Anthony LaRocca

3rd: Justin Monin 3rd: Andrew Voerg

MA40: Mixed Amateur 40+ MA2: Mixed Amateur 2

1st: Steven Hopkins 1st: Mack Vallely

2nd: Jeff Gillies 2nd: Kyle Donlin

3rd: Ryan Clute 3rd: Corey Drozdz

MA3: Mixed Amateur 3

1st: Alex Brandl

2nd: Patrick Starr

3rd: Hunter Allen

WGE- Sponsored by 716Chix DGC (5-18-2024)

This past weekend, we also witnessed the return of the PDGA Women's Global Event after a year's hiatus. This year, the 716Chix DGC took charge of organizing the event, drawing 38 talented women to compete in two rounds at Ellicott Creek Park. The tournament highlighted the growing enthusiasm and skill within the women's disc golf community, providing a vibrant and competitive atmosphere for all participants.

FPO: Women's Pro Open FP55: Women's Pro 55+

1st: Alecia Hinkson 1st: Jeanne Johnson

2nd: Chelsee Beck

3rd: Kaylee Hanania

FA1: Women's Amateur 1 FP65: Women's Amateur 65+

1st: Hannah Brocklehurst 1st: Christine Ford

2nd: Kaeleigh Cooper

3rd: Victoria Porter

FA2: Women's Amateur 2 FA3: Women's Amateur 3

1st: Kim Depczynski 1st: Oulayvanh Meister

2nd: Katie Wolcott 2nd: Dana Brocklehurst

3rd: Christine Higgins 3rd: Courtney Hierl

FA4: Women's Amateur 4 FJ10: Girls Junior ≤ 10

1st: India Asplundh 1st: Mackenzee Hierl

FJ08: Girls Junior ≤ 8

1st: Avery Evinsky

DG716 YouTube:

If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to the DiscGolf716 YouTube page to watch the special Women's Skins Match we organized in honor of last weekend's PDGA Women's Global Event. It's a fantastic showcase of skill and camaraderie among the participants, celebrating the spirit of women's disc golf.

Front 9

Back 9

League Highlights:

NRDG Random Draw Doubles - Open

Arrowhead DGC @ Wilson-Tuscarora & Lighthouse @ Como Lake Park

May 8th: Richard Wyssling & Brian Meldrum

May 15th: Alex Wilkinson & Josh Lamendola

NRDG Random Draw Doubles - Amateur

Arrowhead DGC @ Wilson-Tuscarora & The Greens DGC @ Outwater Memorial City Park

May 8th: Alex DeWilde & Kevin Brockway

May 15th: Roger Bedford & Kevin Brockway

League on the Lake

Shorewinds DGC @ Lakeside Beach State Park

May 8th: Patrick Hinkson & Sheldon Demarco

May 15th: Sam Diovino & Matthew Cicatelli

Jamestown Area Friday Night League:

Falconer Park DGC & Bergman Park DGC

Week 4 (May 10th): Andrew Morse & Jacob Yokom

Week 5 (May 17th): Randy Conklin & Rich Longer

Spartan's Sunday Funday

Lighthouse @ Como Lake Park

ABC (Men's Divisions) FE (Ladies Division)

May 12th: Jeremy Chapman (A) McKean Vallely (B) Zachary P (C) Chris Gross (FE)

May 19th: Trevor Goodyear (A) Mike Cole & Phil Denonco (B) Doug Jr (C) Chris Gross (FE)

Random Draw Doubles @ Outwater Park:

The Greens DGC @ Outwater Memorial City Park

May 13th: Vincent Kuhns & Roger Bedford

May 20th: Matt Babiarz & Matt D

Monday Night League:

Soaring Acres DGC & Ross Mills DGC

May 13th: Jimmy Thompson & Jacob Yokom

May 20th: Bart Scheer & Jake Landean

Tuesday Night League

Ellicott Creek Park

May 21st: Michael Buxton (men) Alecia Hinkson (women)


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