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End of an Era: North Tonawanda's Decision to Reduce Pinewoods Golf Course by 6 Holes

Updated: Apr 3

As many have seen the outcome regarding Pinewoods wasn't what we had hoped for. Yet, upon reflection over the past few days, it's not entirely unexpected, given the trajectory of events. Our participation in the Pinewoods Advisory Meetings alongside City representatives offered insights that made it apparent: despite weeks of meticulous planning for an 18-hole course, the likelihood of its realization was slim. Looking back over the last few months, it's evident that the Advisory Board, intended to represent all stakeholders equally, didn't quite achieve that balance. Instead, with each passing month, dissent against Disc Golf grew more prominent, overshadowing constructive dialogue.

What does this mean for the future? Well, in the short term, not much will change. The planned closure of the course until June was already on the agenda, so aside from the understandable frustration among disc golfers, there won't be any immediate alterations. Long Term however we have lost a versatile 18-hole disc golf course that catered to players of all ages and skill levels, from young beginners to seasoned veterans seeking a quick round. Its closure has left a void in the community, impacting both avid disc golfers and older generations seeking an active outlet. Now it's crucial to avoid fueling further drama; commenting on the North Tonawanda Parks post won't serve any constructive purpose. Being a keyboard warrior might seem tempting, but ultimately, it tarnishes the image of both the disc golf community and the sport we love.

So, what's the next step? If you're a North Tonawanda resident, consider reaching out to local politicians to express your dissatisfaction with their decision. For those who had plans to visit this summer from outside the area, look for alternative local courses to support, and remember to patronize nearby businesses. Money talks and we gave a lot to local business and that’s money we can use to support other communies that enjoy the sport. It’s also essential to maintain cleanliness and respect for the environment at the courses we play at. Additionally, there are local disc golfers who own businesses in North Tonawanda; supporting them is highly encouraged, regardless of recent developments.

As we transition into summer, adjustments are in order for events organized by DiscGolf716. First off, our Thursday Night League will continue, albeit with a revamped format. We're considering either dedicating more time to Ellicott Creek Park or introducing a new course to diversify the league, similar to what we did last year. Looking ahead, it's likely that next year's 5 B-lo league will return to ECP after the course stepped in admirably this year, replacing Pine Woods after week 1 of 5 B-lo. While we had plans for Pine Woods, such as a Kids Clinic, in the initial stages of planning, we're now shifting our focus to collaborating with other communities to expand opportunities for youth and junior players and grow the sport in new area.

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