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Winter Leagues Wrap-Up : Spartan Putting League

As we approach the conclusion of the winter putting league season and gear up for the upcoming summer league, it's an opportune moment to reflect on the excitement and camaraderie of the past few months before shifting our focus towards the future. Throughout this week, let's embark on a journey to revisit the highlights of each of the putting leagues, celebrating the memories and anticipation for what lies ahead.


Spartan Putting League

Kicking off our tour with the last putting league to conclude the 2023-2024 season, we delve into the Spartan Putting League. Returning for its sophomore season, the league saw an impressive turnout of players over 27 weeks. Week after week, participants embraced the challenge of tackling diverse and inventive layouts set across various locations in Tonawanda.

Throughout the season, players were treated to a delightful array of hole designs, ranging from challenging uphill putts to tricky downhill shots, navigating through obstacles such as tires and trees. Week after week, the creative minds behind the course layouts, Trevor Goodyear and Kevin Keil, seemed determined to outdo themselves, consistently delivering fresh and inventive challenges for participants to conquer

Hats off to Spartan Discs and all those who contributed to yet another incredible year of the Spartan Putting League! If you're gearing up for the 2024 season, be sure to swing by Spartan Discs located at 60 Main Street, Tonawanda, NY 14150. They've got everything you need to elevate your game and make the upcoming season a memorable one.

Weekly Winners:

ABC (Men's Divisions) LA LB (Ladies Divisions) K (Kids Division)

Week 1: 

Sam Castiglione (A) Jacob Root (B) Zach Brown (C) Nicki Kramer (L)

Week 2: 

Trevor Goodyear (A) Joe Meyer (B) Dennie Jarrell (C) Nicki Kramer (L)

Week 3: 

Sam Castiglione (A) Jeremy Chapman (B) Will Corbett (C) Allison Rickard (L)

Week 4: 

Sam Castiglione (A) Mason McMullen (B) Mike Spin (C) Mia Lopez (L)

Week 5: 

Ryan Guiher (A) Corey Drozdy, Will Quinn (B) Larry Gotler (C) Mia Lopez (L) Gianni (K)

Week 6: 

Sam Castiglione (A) Andrew Voerg (B) Mike Spin (C) Cassie Aszkler (L) Keira Willows (K)

Week 7: 

Sam Castiglione (A) Jeremy Sawyer (B) Michael Crofts (C) Mia Lopez (L) Sam Spin (K)

Week 8: 

Michael Magnus (A) Brock Santoro (B) Joel Oliver, Shawn Meachum, Tom Croop (C) Leah Lang, Allison Rickhard (LA) Sue Gotler (LB) Sam Spin (K)

Week 9 :

Sam Castiglione (A) Danny Wittliff, Jeremy Sawyer, & Bradford Berwick (B) Tyler Kramer (C) Nicki Kramer (LA) Jill Santoro (LB) Blake (K)

Week 10 :

Brock Santoro (A) Kevin Keil (B) Shawn Meacham (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Gilly Tytka (LB) David Priester III (K)

Week 11 :

Trevor Goodyear (A) Kevin Keil (B) Nick Braun (C) Allison Rickard (LA) Nichole Tomasello (LB) Sam Spin (K)

Week 12 :

Trevor Goodyear (A) Mason Bucior (B) Keith Pelkey (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Danielle Jarrell & Cathay Meachum (LB) Emery Rickard (K)

Week 13 :

Trevor Goodyear (A) Jason Keil (B) Keith Pelkey (C) Nicki Kramer (LA) Danielle Jarrell (LB) Blake Perkins (K)

Week 14 :

Mike Buxton (A) Jon Janiak (B) Dan Syracuse (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Ali Henderson (LB) Sam Spin (K)

Week 15 :

Sam Castiglione (A) Michael Magnus (B) Chris Thomas (C) Mia Lopez (LA) Danielle Jarrell (LB) Sam Spin (K)

Week 16 :

Mike Buxton (A) Dennie Jarrell (B) Eric Reist (C) Erika Apple (LA) Lex Mucci (LB) Hailey Spin (K)

Week 17 :

Sam Castiglione & Matt Zubek (A) Trey Woolford (B) Tyler Kramer (C) Mia Lopez (LA) Sue Gotler (LB) Hailey Spin (K)

Week 18 :

Brandon Kofod (A) Kyle Donlin (B) Will Corbett (C) Mia Lopez (LA) Cassie Aszkler (LB) Matthew Resetarits (K)

Week 19 :

Brandon Kofod(A) Eric Reist(B) Shawn Meacham(C) Dana Brocklehurst(LA) Ali Henderson & Nichole Tomasello(LB) Matthew Resetarits & Sam Spin(K)

Week 20 :

Mike Buxton(A) Chris Higgins & Jon Janiak (B) Benjamin Orsborn & Joseph Warner (C) Mia Lopez (LA) Rachael Winterhalter & Nichole Tomasello (LB) Matthew Resetarits (K)

Week 21 : 

Trevor Goodyear (A) Kevin Keil (B) Tony Gruka & Brandon Connolly (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Nichole Tomasello-Keil (LB) Sam S & Matt R (K)

Week 22 :

 Sam Castiglione (A) Brock Santoro & Joey Young (B) Ben Orsborn (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Ali Henderson & Melissa Piechowicz (LB) Rich W (K)

Week 23 :

 Matt Zubek (A) Mason Bucior (B) Jon Mercer & Chris Thomas (C) Mia Lopez (LA) Melissa Piechowicz (LB) Emery Rickard (K)

Week 24 :

 Sam Castiglione (A) Mike Spin (B) Jon Mercer & Chris Thomas (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Gilly Tytka (LB) Evan Carlock (K)

Week 25 :

 Sam Castiglione (A) Jeremy Sawyer(B) John Hy (C) Mia Lopez (LA) Boo Talbot (LB)

Week 26 : 

Trevor Goodyear (A) Mason Bucior (B) Hannah Brocklehurst (LA) Cathy Meacham (LB) Evan Carlock (K)

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