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DG716 Reporter 2: Embracing 2024 - A New Year, A New Season

Cheers to a joyous New Year! Step into 2024 with the first DG716 Reporter of the season. With a myriad of exciting events ahead, gear up and join us at hole one to embark on this season's journey together.

January Putting Leagues

While it might not seem like it, we're right in the heart of winter, and the ideal remedy for winter rust is diving into a putting league. Fortunately, in western New York, numerous putting leagues await your selection.

WNY Women's League

Creekside Winter Putting League

Spartan Disc's Putting League

Wednesday Night Putting League

January Tournaments

December Highlights

5 B-Lo Winter League

Dec 2nd: Trevor Goodyear (A) Chris Sherman (B) 

Dec 9th: Justin McNess (A) Todd Heinaman (B) Tara Dixon (L)

Dec 16th: Will Quinn (A) Mike Spin (B) Alecia Hinkson (L)

Dec 23rd: Sherman Wisor (A) Andy Depczynski (B) 

Dec 30th: Eric Szumla (A) Jeff Wirth (B) Danielle "Boo" Talbot (L)

WNY Women's Putting League

(H)-Handicap Score Winner (S)-Scratch Score Winner

Week 1: Cassie Aszkler (H)

Week 2: Tiffany Ralston (H) Mia Lopez (S)

Week 3: Leah Lang (H)(S)

Week 4: Gilly Tytka (H) Tiffany Ralston (S)

Spartan Putting League 

ABC (Men's Divisions) LA LB (Ladies Divisions) K (Kids Division)

Week 9 (Dec 1st & 2nd): Sam Castiglione (A) Danny Wittliff, Jeremy Sawyer, & Bradford Berwick (B) Tyler Kramer (C) Nicki Kramer (LA) Jill Santoro (LB) Blake (K)

Week 10 (Dec 8th & 9th): Brock Santoro (A) Kevin Keil (B) Shawn Meacham (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Gilly Tytka (LB) David Priester III (K)

Week 11 (Dec 15th & 16th): Trevor Goodyear (A) Kevin Keil (B) Nick Braun (C) Allison Rickard (LA) Nichole Tomasello (LB) Sam Spin (K)

Week 12 (Dec 22nd & 23rd): Trevor Goodyear (A) Mason Bucior (B) Keith Pelkey (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Danielle Jarrell & Cathay Meachum (LB) Emery Rickard (K)

Week 13 (Dec 29th & 30th): Trevor Goodyear (A) Jason Keil (B) Keith Pelkey (C) Nicki Kramer (LA) Danielle Jarrell (LB) Blake Perkins (K)

Wednesday Night Putting League

(S) Singles (D) Doubles

Week 10 (Dec 6th): Trevor Goodyear (S) Mike Raham & Trevor Goodyear (D)

Week 11 (Dec 12th): Mike Raham (S) Chris Sherman & Eric Reist (D)

Week 12 (Dec 20th): Allison Rickard (S) Allison Rickard & Frank Knab (D)



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