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DG716 Reporter #1 Winter comes to the 716

DG716 Reporter logo on a blue background with map lines

I have read the results so far from the DiscGolf716 survey, and one of the main things you have asked for is better information, more local DG news, a newsletter. It seems the players want more content. Nevertheless, let me introduce the DG716 Reporter, a new monthly newsletter that breaks down everything going on in the disc golf community here in the 716

Putting Leagues

As the cold weather moves in and the tournament schedule comes to a close putting leagues start to heat up. Some Putting leagues are already in full swing while others are getting organize and ready be launched.

Wednesday Night Putting League @ Phatman Boardshop

After five seasons, the Wednesday Night League has become one of the most prominent winter disc golf competitions. The Mark Maue run event is always a fun way to practice your putting and socialize with friends, and it always has great music playing in the background. The League runs on Wednesday Nights till March 20, 2024, with sign-ups starting at 6pm. Parking is the back and enter through the back garage door.

Phatman Boardshop

4430 Bailey Ave Buffalo, NY 14226

Poster for Wednesday Night Putting League

Spartan Putting League

Coming into its second year, the Spartan Putting League is looking to expand its success last year, when it went toe to toe with some of the country's largest Putting Leagues. This year, the flex league will not only grow on Friday night, but also expand to a second day on Saturday for players who work or can make it on Friday. Both days run from 12pm to 9pm, with players able to come anytime during. Players receive a round of practice before scoring two rounds of 9 to get their score. A live stream of the course will be posted on Spartan social media on Thursday.

Spartan Discs

60 Main St. Tonawanda, NY 14150

Spartan Poster

There are a few other leagues that have not yet begun, but as soon we have more information, we will keep you updated. These leagues include the Women's Virtual Putting League and Chautauqua Disc Golf Monday Night Putting League at Stockton Firehall.


Cover photo of 5-Blo

5 B-Lo Returning to Pinewoods

The four-disc challenge, known as 5 B-Lo, returns to Pinewoods for another year. The challenge will start on November 18 and last for eight weeks. For anyone that is new to 5 B-Lo, the way it works is that you are restricted to only using 4 discs, and they all have to be 5 speeds or lower. Once you select your 4 discs, it's a shotgun start league, with each week acting as a standalone event, so you don't have to make it to every event. This year we will also keep the same pools with A Pool (850 rated and above), B Pool (849 rated and below), and the Ladies Division will also return this year. Check in will start at 9:00am, with tee off around 9:45am

Because this is a winter league, the weather can have a major impact on play, so please keep an eye on the 5 B-Lo and DiscGolf716 Facebook pages for any cancellations that might occur. Last year, three weeks were cancelled because of mother nature. Nevertheless, we saw 283 rounds in the nine weeks last year. In addition, we had two Aces hit by Ian Murphy and Matt Girdlestone.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Pinewoods this year for some winter fun.

Glow Disc Golf coming to Tonawanda, NY

If the early morning is not your style or you are a fan of the dark. Spartan Discs has the thing for you, as Spartan brings Glow Disc Golf to Veterans Park in Tonawanda every Monday night in November. Spartan announced last week on its Facebook page that the City of Tonawanda approved the events. Check-in starts at 5 p.m. near hole 1 for players who have never played veterans. Hole 1 is located at the back of the park, near the baseball diamonds.

Hole 1 placement at Veterns Park

If you want to play in this league, which will have a maximum of 32 players, you should get out to the course at 5pm.

Spartan Discs Post

DG716 log0

Coming up on the third year answer of DiscGolf716, I have been doing a lot of figuring out to take DG716 to the next level, and 2023 has been a success. In my book, we have added a lot of new info to the website, ran our first league under the DG716 brand in Thursday Night League, and near the end we have designed and sold our first jersey. But with all the good, there were many places the website lacked this season. From the moments when we are not updating to not having the right information, there is a lot we can improve on. Now that the survey is launched and we see what the player base actually wants and not just what I think they want, we will make a lot of changes for the 2024 season.

Funny picture

In the next few weeks, you will see updates to many of the site with increased information. Content will also be increased with better planning to ensure a steady flow during the offseason and avoid burnout during the tournament season. With more direct content on tournament results and what is going on in communities with disc golf courses. There will also be other projects that we are working on to better connect DiscGolf716 and the 716 disc golf community, so stay tuned. Nevertheless, if you have not yet, please take the time to answer the DiscGolf716 survey. The survey will be live until the end of 2023, and the information will directly influence what DG716 is doing in the future. It will also be shared with other TDs and event staff to make a better the community in the future.

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