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DiscGolf716 State of the Brand

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

What’s up 716 Disc Golfers,

Scott here from DiscGolf716 with the first State of the Brand report as we approach the end of our first year. I know I have been quiet the last few months, but this is with good intentions. I have been busy behind the scene working on the site and our plans for 2023. In order to get everyone on the same page, I want to answer some FAQ’s, as well as post my plans for the next year to better the site and brand.

Starting with some FAQ’s:

Q: Is DiscGolf716 coming to a stop or closing?

A: No, In 2022 I learned so many new skills, but I also learned many things not to do and because of that I found myself burned out and failing at keeping stuff up to date. But moving forward I have better plans and have acquired new techniques to avoid that burn out. Also with the site being fully built at this point that will free up time to try other things and new ideas.

Q: Do you need help?

A: The simple answer is yes. In order to grow the brand and better tell the story of disc golf in our area we will be looking for people to help create stories, content, and other things. If you would like to help feel free to message the page or email

Q: How do I get my tournament or event on the website?

A: We created a form that you can fill out at we will also be checking Udisc, Disc Golf Scene, and Social Media pages as well as sending the form to our local TD’s and event planners as we notice them.

Q: Who can use the DG716 Logo

A: Anyone can rock our logo on their jersey or gear! Just let us know so we can shout you out and make sure to shout us out too! Feel free to use the hashtags #dg716 and #discgolf716

That being said I’d like to note a couple of important things.

Feel free to use our logo on your apparel or gear, however please do not use our logo for your own merchandise or products without our prior consent.

Also please know that though you may use our logo, it is not any kind of team status or affiliation. TIA for supporting our brand!

Now in 2023 my plans are to grow the content we produce between and social media to better tell the living history of disc golf in the 716. We plan to work with everyone in the local disc golf scene to post when news breaks - things like new tournaments and events, registration alerts, event results, and other key moments such as course records, and “hot rounds, aces and other special moments. Also coming in 2023, DiscGolf716 plans to highlight local restaurants and shops that help fuel players throughout the season. Everyone has their "spot," so why not let others know about it?

As you see Discgolf716 is not going anywhere and in 2023, with help from the community, we can become one of the first major disc golf information networks for the region. This first year has been a learning experience and the only place to go from here is straight into the chains we love to hear clang! So stay tuned, thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you all out there on the course!

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