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DG716 Reporter 5: Spring has Risen! Signaling the Start of Disc Golf Season.

Mother Nature may have seemed to overlook us, but Spring has finally arrived in Western New York. As we reflect on the past month, bidding farewell to the enjoyable winter leagues, anticipation grows for the commencement of new leagues and the thrilling onset of tournament season.


Course Updates:

Pinewoods Course Update

If you haven't already heard the heartbreaking news, the City of North Tonawanda has made the decision to reduce Pinewoods Golf Course to a new 12-hole layout by removing six existing holes. For more information, please visit North Tonawanda's Park and Recreation Announcement and read their statement regarding the changes below.

Course Work Days

If you are looking to help improve the course and be apart of making the disc golf community better please consider checking out one of the many work days going one at aera courses

WNYDGC - Outwater DGC Work Day: Sunday April 7th at 9am

Twin Tiers DGC - Riley Allen's DGC Work Day: Saturday April 13th at 9am


Upcoming Tournaments

Singles @ The Dizzle 2024 (04-13-2024)

Get ready for the annual Singles @ The Dizzle event, making its triumphant return to Joseph Davis State Park on April 13th! This exhilarating unsanctioned singles tournament promises a thrilling experience as participants conquer the elements and navigate a customized Dizzle layout amidst the unpredictable mud and weather. Registration is open, but spots are filling up fast. Seize the opportunity and ensure you're part of the excitement – register now before it's too late

Western New York Point Series Championship Event 1: Outwater (04-20-2024)

The Western New York Point Series is gearing up for another exciting year, kicking off its first round at Lockport and The Greens at Outwater Memorial Park. This beloved event, featuring a single round with designated tee times, has become a fan favorite. Throughout the season, players will tackle a variety of area courses, promising a thrilling journey for all involved. Don't miss out on the action

2nd Annual 716 Chix in the Stix (04-21-2024)

The first Women's event of the season and the premier stop on the NYS Women's Empire Series invites players to challenge the renowned Hawks Landing in Eden, New York. With a turnout of 58 women hailing from various parts of New York, southern Canada, and neighboring states last year, the anticipation for this year's event is soaring. Relive the excitement of last year's tournament through the recap

provided in the link below, and ensure you don't

miss out on the action this year!



If you haven't caught wind of the news yet, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our YouTube page! We've been hard at work curating an array of captivating videos, including the 2024 High States Putting League and the thrilling final round of the Buffalo Recycling CornHole Putting League. With numerous exciting projects in the pipeline, we invite you to head over to, subscribe to our channel, and help spread the word by sharing our videos with friends and fellow enthusiasts. Join us on this exciting journey of disc golf entertainment!

Match Play

The 2024 DG716 Match Play Tournament Series is officially underway, with the seeding now finalized. If you haven't had the chance yet, be sure to check out our video announcement to discover the matchups and see who will be facing off against whom. To all the participating players, we extend our best wishes and good luck as you embark on this thrilling journey. May the best player emerge victorious!


February Highlights:

WNYDGC Easter Ace Hunt:

Open: 1st: Mike Buxton & Joey De Ondarza

Ams: 1st: Kyle Donlin & Tony (April) May

Mixed: 1st: Sherman Wisor & Alicia Hinkson

Spartan Putting League

ABC (Men's Divisions) LA LB (Ladies Divisions) K (Kids Division)

Week 21 (Feb 23th & 24th): Trevor Goodyear (A) Kevin Keil (B) Tony Gruka & Brandon Connolly (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Nichole Tomasello-Keil (LB) Sam S & Matt R (K)

Week 22 (Mar 1st & 2nd): Sam Castiglione (A) Brock Santoro & Joey Young (B) Ben Orsborn (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Ali Henderson & Melissa Piechowicz (LB) Rich W (K)

Week 23 (Mar 8th & 9th): Matt Zubek (A) Mason Bucior (B) Jon Mercer & Chris Thomas (C) Mia Lopez (LA) Melissa Piechowicz (LB) Emery Rickard (K)

Week 24 (Mar 15th & 16th): Sam Castiglione (A) Mike Spin (B) Jon Mercer & Chris Thomas (C) Dana Brocklehurst (LA) Gilly Tytka (LB) Evan Carlock (K)

Week 25 (Mar 22nd & 23rd): Sam Castiglione (A) Jeremy Sawyer(B) John Hy (C) Mia Lopez (LA) Boo Talbot (LB)

Week 26 (Mar 29th & 30th): Trevor Goodyear (A) Mason Bucior (B) Hannah Brocklehurst (LA) Cathy Meacham (LB) Evan Carlock (K)

Buffalo Recycling Corn Hole Putting Tournament

Main Tournament:

1st: Trevor Goodyear & Cassie Aszkler

2nd: Mark Maue & Nate Mirizo

Toilet Bowl Tournaments:

1st: Lexi Mucci & Jake Loecher  


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