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DG716 Reporter 6: Racing into the season at top gear and full throttle.

April's sprinted by, leaving us in its wake as the season hits its stride. With 7 tournaments and plenty of league action behind us, let's take a quick look back at the wild ride of April before diving headfirst into May.

Course Updates:

Before delving into tournament highlights, I'd like to extend a massive shoutout to everyone who dedicated their time to course maintenance at various local venues last month. Your efforts are invaluable! For those available this summer, stay tuned for announcements about upcoming work days—we'll need all hands on deck!

Ellicott Creek Park Photos by Joe Hammerschmidt

Tournament Recap's:

Sanctioned for Science (04-06-2024)

The month began with a thrilling new tournament, 'Sanctioned for Science,' held at Como Lake Park. Tournament Director Eric Shaver summed it up perfectly in his recap posted to Facebook

Singles at the Dizzle (04-13-2024)

The next week, the community gathered at the rain-soaked Joseph Davis State Park for the 2024 Singles at the Dizzle event. Despite the challenging conditions, Spring Dizzle didn't disappoint, presenting players with added hurdles during the two rounds.

Women's Disc Golf:

Women's Disc Golf in Western New York is making big waves in 2024, kicking off with the highly successful 2nd annual 716Chix in the Stix tournament, which attracted 49 players to the legendary Hawks Landing course, with scorching performances over two rounds. Ladies from across the state showcased their skills, marking the event as the inaugural kickoff for the NYS Women's Empire Series. Additionally, the women came closer to achieving their fundraising goal for red tees at Emery, a move that will make the course more welcoming to newcomers to the sport.

Upcoming Women's Events

May 18th: WGE Buffalo

Ellicott Creek Park

May 19th: WGE Rochester

Shadow Pines DGC

Upcoming Tournaments

May 5th: Bond Lake Open (PDGA C-Tier)

Bond Lake Open

May 11th: WNY Point Series Round 2 (PDGA C-Tier)

Wilson - Tuscarora State Park

May 18th:  Shorewinds Shootout (PDGA C-Tier)

Shorewinds DGC

May 18th:  WGE Buffalo (PDGA C-Tier)

Ellicott Creek Park

May 19th:  WGE Rochester (PDGA C-Tier)

Shadow Pines

May 25th:  Treedirection Disc Golf Open (PDGA C-Tier)

Black Diamond @ Emery Park

May 27th:  Lockdown at the Locks (Doubles)

Outwater Memorial Park

May 27th:  WNY Masters ll (PDGA C-Tier)

Outwater Memorial Park

April Highlights:

Sanctioned for Science 2024: (April 6th, 2024)

MPO: Eric Szumla FPO: Allison Andrews

MA1: Andrew Voerg FA1:Kris Winters MA2: Kyle Donlin

FA2: Kim Depczynski MA3: Tony May

Singles @ The Dizzle: (April 13th, 2024)

MPO: Matt Hess FPO: Casey Cutting MP40: Brian Barrett

MA1: Kennan Druding FA1:Allison Rickard MA2: Arthur Rombkowski

FA2: Christine Higgins MA3: Alex Brandl MA40: Jeffrey Wirth

Trifecta Smash: (April 20th, 2024)

General: Richard Longer, Douglas Oakes & Randall Fox

Spring Melt Showdown lV: (April 20th, 2024)

MPO: Zach Sisson

MA1: Matthew Spina FA1: Erika Apple MA2: Ethan Snell

MA3: Ezra Knapp MA4: Wes Anderson MA50: Chris Fall FA4: Emily Schweigart

WNY Point Series Championship Round 1: (April 20th, 2024)

MPO: Sam Castiglione FPO: Alecia Hinkson MP40: Adam Sledzinski

MA1: Justin McNess FA1:Allison Rickard MA2: Thomas Sommers & Zack Thomas (Tied 1st) MA3: Chris Toscano MA40: Steven Hopkins

2nd Annual 716Chix in the Stix: (April 20th, 2024)

FPO: Mia Lopez FP40: Jeanne Johnson

FA1:Kaeleigh Cooper FA2: Hannah Brocklehurst FA3: Dana Brocklehurst

FA40: Heather Schlegel FA50: Janet Cranshaw

Spartan Sunday Funday!: (Sunday Morning League)

Week 1 (April 21st): Trevor Goodyear(A) Jared Przybyla(B) Alex DeWilde(C) Chris Gross (L)

Random Draw Doubles @ Outwater: (Monday Night League)

Week 1 (April 15th): Ben Winquist & Dan Schmigiel

Week 2 (April 22nd): Soup Campbell & Steven Hopkins

Week 3 (April 29th): Joe Torregrossa Jr & Christine Ford

Random Draw Doubles @ Outwater: (Monday Night League)

Week 1 (April 3rd): Xavier Vazquez & Josh Haun (Amateur) Kyle Martin & Brian Berrett (Open)

Week 2 (April 10th): Xavier Vazquez & Scott Minton (Amateur) Alex Wilkinson & Mark Kryszak (Open)

Week 3 (April 17th): Joe Hammerschmidt & Cy Hibsch (Amateur) Justin King & Spencer Hewitt (Open)

Week 4 (April 24th): Jimmy Carman & Josh Snowden (Amateur) Justin Monin & Eric Szumla (Open)

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